Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional journalist?  To be the first on the scene to cover a devastating fire, a blockbuster concert, a high-profile courtroom showdown or professional sporting event?  If so, then Mosaic a two-week journalism camp for high school students, may be just for you!

Applicants must be a current sophomore, junior or senior in high school. Mosaic is a full-time residential program. All students stay overnight in the program's supervised dormitory at San Jose State University in San Jose, CA. Mosaic is free to all interested parties and does not have any income requirement or limitation, just a strong desire to become a media professional. We strongly encourage bilingual and/or bi-cultural candidates to apply to meet the growing needs of media agencies and the communities they serve. 

All applicants are required to submit the following:
  1. 100 word essay on why you want to participate in Mosaic and your interest in journalism. 
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation.  Note: Do not include letters from relatives or personal friends.
  3. Official copy of your high school transcripts
  4. Write about two (2) story or photo essay ideas that you would like to work on and include the following:  A) Why the topic is interesting or important to you?  B) How do you plan on gathering facts and information on these subjects? C) Where would you find people to interview?
  5. Reporter Applicants Only - Three (3) writing samples - news articles or essays preferred 
  6. Photography Applicants Only - Six (6) photography samples or link to photos
  7. Videography Applicants Only - Three (3) video files or links to videos
Your story ideas count more than your grade point average. We place a lot of emphasis on story ideas because Mosaic requires a genuine interest in journalism, getting off to a fast start, finding people to write about and interviewing them face to face. Take your time. Do some research. Be as thorough as possible. 



Send application and other materials, no later than April 13, 2015 to:
San Jose Mercury News
Mosaic Summer Journalism Workshop
4 North Second St. #800
San Jose, CA 95113


If you have questions about applying for Mosaic contact Joe Rodriguez at 408-920-5767 or