Mosaic Journalism Workshop is a two-week program held every summer at San Jose State University in San Jose, California, where high school students work in the campus newsroom and stay overnight in a supervised dormitory.

We strive to inspire future journalists who grew up in disadvantaged communities as well as those from more privileged backgrounds to widen their world views and smash stereotypes. Mosaic students cover real stories and subject matter that is of interest to youth and bring a new prospective to the media. All of our staff have hands-on experience in the real world of journalism and emphasize ethics across the curriculum.

The students learn reporting, writing, visual media techniques, then hit the streets to gather real-life news stories about people who make the news and those whose lives are affected by the news. Professional guest speakers share their stories and advice about the wonderful world of journalism and the media industry. On the final day, Mosaic students visit a real newsroom and see their Mosaic newspaper run off the presses at the Mercury News.

Best of all, Mosaic tuition, accommodations and food costs are FREE to all students!

Established in 1993, the Mosaic has trained hundreds of high school students, many of whom became professionals in traditional and new media.

Mosaic alumni have a wide variety of career opportunities working for advertising agencies, corporate communications divisions, magazines, news agencies, newspapers, publishing companies, and radio/television stations.

The Mosaic Journalism Workshop is limited to 20 students mainly from the San Francisco Bay Area, but will accept applications from anywhere in the USA. The program requires full-time participation, including living on campus.  We strongly encourage bilingual and/or bi-cultural candidates to apply to meet the growing needs of media agencies and the communities they serve. There are no income requirements or limitations needed to apply.  


Deadline for application is Monday, April 13, 2015


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